Let Go..(poem)


Aboard the rickety bus I arrived,

Not exactly where I thought to be destined,

But thoughts are merely thoughts,

For you don’t always receive what you perceive.

Still some memories slither down in me,

Hissing in my ears those untended (self-imposed) heartaches,

And, ingraining venom under my skin;

Daring me to win, (over it).

Yet I resist it,

‘Cause I have the Elixir,

Of Resilience,

And, Of Sanguinity.

But that’s actually in the past now,

For now there stands a transformed Me,

However, it wasn’t a lyrical transformation,

Unlike, that of a caterpillar into butterfly;

‘But that of obscure innocence into worldly-witticism’.

Yet don’t be mistaken for my past all gloomy,

Yeah, it was hazy, misty,

That evaporated in hope-like-sunshine.

So now with reckoning faith in Sai,

And unwavering support of my loved ones,

I enter the new phase of my life.

For, I had Let Go;

I have Let Go.

Liked it?  Ever won over a tough situation? Share your experiences then! Your Comments and likes would encourage me!


26 thoughts on “Let Go..(poem)

  1. awesome sahil how come i couldnot see it before ?
    thats brilliant
    a nector of pure emotions
    i am proud my brother that you ‘let go’.


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