That Perfect Day…

  Image          Some mornings are special and today is that morning. And it should be, for it’s the last day of my 10th grade, the last day of my Secondary schooling. Beneath that melancholy feeling of leaving behind those precious memories that lies in every nook and corner of my alma-mater, there is an excitement. An excitement that is directly proportional to teenage hormones (Sweet Sixteen, isn’t it?) ! In my smart dress code (according to me!) of brown jacket and blue jeans, I enter my school gate and soon find myself in several short ‘guy embraces’ and mocking one another. Yet my eyes are awaiting someone, according to my friends. Correct. Waiting for my best female friend. ‘Female friend’, not ‘girlfriend’. Huh, how could I have one!

        There she comes. Wearing black jacket open and in a white shirt that proclaims some girly quote. I found myself slipping away from my guy gang (or group), making my way towards her. She noticed me coming and greeted me with a lovely smile. As I reached her, I hesitated to hug her (you know Indian traditions, don’t you?). She instead extend her hand forward for a handshake. ‘Clever-just friends-attitude’. Doesn’t matter, I shake her hand in a firm-enough manner for a girl.

‘Let’s wait for others of our group in ground’ , I suggested her.

‘Yeah, let’s sit on that bench in the meantime’, she said.

        Is it all in my mind that I’m finding her bashful today? Tugging her hair behind her ear, she asked me whom would I miss the most. ‘You’, I said. ‘I mean our group, by the way’. Damn, I should have skipped that latter clause atleast for today. I then turned my face around her and noticed her looking me with expectant eyes. She then playfully punched my arm and said, ‘Some one is looking handsome today. Tryin’ to impress someone?’. ‘Like anyone would get impressed’, I replied making saddest face possible. ‘Awwww’, she consoled me, her small nose wrinkled near her eyes and in a tone that maybe the cutest on our planet Earth. I noticed her caramel complexion, brown eyes, long black hair falling down from one shoulder as she faces me and those sharp features of her face, responsible for her being so pretty. The curve of her smile shrinked and her glance changed as she realised me noticing her. Give me one worthy reason of leaving this place, or should I say, of now not going to see her everyday. I couldn’t stop myself holding her hand. As expected, her face showed signs of surprise.

But she didn’t took her hand away, rather hold it firmly. Anxiety took over me in response, and I feel my adrenaline gushing.

 ‘You are lovely’, I hushed to her. ‘And I like you a lot’.

Her eyes opened wide as she looked at me. She started to speak something and then…

And then…

Her face, oh wait a minute, the whole vision that I am seeing is fading away from my eyes. I feel a hand on my shoulder, that is vigorously shaking me.  ‘C’mon wake up lazy bones, do you want to miss your farewell today’- it  was my mummy’s voice. My eyes opened and I realised- It was just a dream.

Liked it? I know many of you could relate to it. Share your views on this prose!


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