What lies Ahead


Trodden the thorny path,

And done with holding the loose thread of faith,

He had experienced much,

Enough to become a sage.

He didn’t even realised the intensity of his wounds,

To the point his insides had ruined.

Yet he had endured it all-

That include, broke wishes and the deepest of falls.

Today you can see him smile,

As he had chosen a safer path for a while,

Yes, for a while.

For how could he predict his future?,

When he had never imagined those tribulations,

Those which he has now left behind.

All ’cause of that different path he had chosen to tread on.

Today he is a man of resonating hopes,

Fearless and bold.

He is now going with his life’s flow;

Oblivious to what lies ahead


Unmindful of what future has in store!


8 thoughts on “What lies Ahead

  1. Nice Poem with beautiful lines as what future has stored for one, so one should do ones best and shouldnot run away from his KaramasExcellent keept it up Sai is with u with luv anju


    1. I have read 3 posts of yours and I was compelled to follow you! By the way, I found your blog through that of Rexie’s… I’m loving WordPress for I’m able to find people who share similar interests with me (poetry). Thank you for your comment..


      1. Oh! Rexie has a wonderful blog. 🙂 And exactly, I love how WordPress connects like-minded writers and provides a platform to interact. =)
        Thank YOU, Sahil, for your nice comments and words of encouragement. Will be reading more from you. 🙂


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