Why on Earth I started blogging? (An extension of About me)

Image    To be precise, I write and through this blog, I want to increase the audience of my writings. Sometimes, there are experiences that give your life a new direction. While the others make a profound impact on your ideology. Needless to say, I have experienced the situations of both these types. And what’s the better way to voice them in the form of fiction on blog? 😉

I remember it was my class 7 when I became passionate about writing. All credits goes to one person- Mrs. Gurpreet Nain, my literature teacher. Through her writing assignments, I have a come a long way in improving my writing skills. Her constant appreciation and improving me with her worthy suggestions, motivated me to write more. Friends and family have also been a constant source of encouragement for me.

I feel there is close connection of writing with music. The lyrics play a pivotal role in any song. ‘I’m with you’ by Avril Lavigne is one song that defines me perfectly. While I cannot play any musical instrument, still music is very much part of my life and influences me (and my writings) to a great deal.

I don’t want to blabber shortcomings of my country here, simply because there are people of other nationalities here. No country is perfect and that includes mine too. If ever would I discuss them, they would limit to only discussions (especially with my father) and debates.

Most important part of this blog is YOU- my dear readers. It’s just been 3 weeks since I started blogging and the likes and comments (although not so much in number), opens doors for interaction with you. As a result, I’m able to understand the world around me and my influence (read small) here. Don’t shy to pour your heart out in the form of comments, even criticisms, if any. But the progress that I had made in these 3 weeks is really overwhelming, thanks to all you wonderful readers who took out time to read my stuff.

I’m looking forward to interact with you guys even more!


5 thoughts on “Why on Earth I started blogging? (An extension of About me)

    1. Hahaha…you interpreted in the wrong way! I meant I want my writings to reach wider audiences…Ofcourse who doesnot want more traffic. Well, thanks for the follow and thanks for letting me know another meaning my post could have! 😛 😀


      1. Haha No I was just kidding ! I knew what you meant I just said all those stupid things to make a good laugh 😛 Hope to see you often in future 🙂 Love xx


  1. I love the shape of your poetry on the page! It reminds me a bit of music, the swelling crescendo followed by the gradual decrescendo. And I think you’re right about music and writing sharing a connection. I’ve tried to write music (being a flautist), and it’s a challenge, as writing anything is. But music has a shape of its own, as do poems and books and other stories. Music influences a lot of my writing, and I sometimes wonder if that’s visible on the page when I write. 🙂


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