The Soul Searcher


Intrigued by the gravity of a situation,

He takes solace in his happy memories;

Mindful of the fact,

That these are just mystics,

Of a virtual world;

Woven in his soul.


Delving deeper in his thoughts,

He questions what went wrong.


He is his own motivator,

Consoling himself that heโ€™ll get over it,

Seeking blessings from Sai through his prayers.


He knows he over-thinks,

Knows sometimes itโ€™s just his insecurities,

Yet he searches within,

Till the point his head starts to ache;

His heart starts to break.


And then he becomes his own critic,

Calling names to himself,

Furious on being so sensitive,

For thinking too much.


Now he acts indifferent,

Nudging the unwarranted thoughts away,

Feeling hopeful,

On the positive conclusions he had made,

And start working on it right away.


And finally he is,



Of all the efforts he had made,

Searching his soul!


13 thoughts on “The Soul Searcher

  1. Well sahil u r marvellous in writing and one will be on right path if we look inside and think wisely and postively to get ahead in life. well done luv u anju


  2. my dear “The Soul Searcher” ur on the right path. proud of you.
    being inspired, i too will create a blog once boards get over


      1. yeah and i thought i could have time enough to maintain blogs(ha…)
        u know it is really marvelous that u grow more than just a year pre high school specially in India..
        u know what i mean…..

        Liked by 1 person

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