Here I’m walking down the path,

The path of life.

Sometimes so alone,

Sometimes acquainted with people so fine.

There comes a day,

When I realise,

That I had gone too far-

Too far on that transient cloud of happiness,

Or too far that I plunged in deepest of sorrows;

Too far captured in rhapsody of life,

Or too far jailed in my own regrets.


There, I have halt,

Searching intricately my soul,

Holding some photographs,

To guide me through the past,

Down my memory lane.

To see there was a time,

When I too was a child,

Uncomplicated, innocent.

Away from the hypocrisy.

When I had nothing to loose,


To gain.

So sure to be loved and cared,

With a belief that people would always be there

For Me.


Oh see,

I had touched,

Those intangible memories.



7 thoughts on “Memories

  1. GR8 expression. right now we might feel that it is our hardest time but when it becomes past it becomes a joke,and the fact is that it is actually meant to be a joke


  2. Hai sahil u r genious actually past memories r unforgettable it may be good or bad may be related to ur dearone and unforgettable, so nice poetry reality of life keep it up with luv anju


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