The small world inside her


My best pal she was,

Yes she ‘was’,

For no-one can believe she’s that girl,

Who always have had smile on her face,

A Sparkle in her eyes,

Mischief always on her mind.


I envied her fortune,

I loved her positive vibes,

The way she cared for others,

Her mannerisms being so fine,

The world would orbit around her,

That large world of which she was a part;




Her fate turned bitter,

Her wings had torn,

Just ’cause of that one event,

Which in no way she deserved at all;

In no way had I expected, such a strong woman to fall .


My heart breaks on seeing her now,

The one who remedied mine heartaches, some time ago.

She’s caught in a swirl of misfortune,

Captive of her own gloom,

No longer does the world orbits her,

She’s lost,

In that Small world inside of her.


Doesn’t she realise that I have-not given up on her,

Can’t she comprehend the hopeful words with which I fill her up,

Or is she just acting with naive indifference?


C’mon now pick yourself up from the ground,

Compose up yourself ,

Don’t care about your scraped knees,

I’m forever here for thee.

Kill that blunt mournfulness in your eyes,

Didn’t you remember how they once flickered so bright?


I’ll be there for you till my last breath,

Hoping that you’ll stop dying everyday, instead;

Inside where your gloomy small world resides.


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