The Embrace


It had been a while,

A long while,

Of holding onto fate,

Until you came blissfully in my life,

And became a cause for me to survive.


Never had I shared such an intense rapport,

With anyone, as that with you.

And never knew when you left a lasting impression,

In my heart, on my mind;

Stealthily, effortlessly.


Today as you stand in front of me,

I let my eyes do the talking,

From them trickles down the tears of gratitude,

From them glows the redeemed luster;

For their harbinger, which is you.


There I look puzzled as you step forward,

With a steady gaze on me.

In a moment you wrap me in your arms,

Whispering in my ear,

‘I’m forever here for you’.


A sudden gush of warmth flows in,

As my heart envelops itself with your loving sheen.

Seems to me that the first raindrops,

Had made its way onto my parched soul,

After a long while.


Didn’t know how long we embraced,

Now it’s certain we are no longer the same.

You wear an abashed smile,

And eyes too shy to meet mine.


I wonder what’s going on in me right now,

Perhaps it’s the joy of having you all mine.

If Only For A Moment.


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