The Symphonies


And tonight when I plug in the earphones,

As I lay in my bed,

Ecstasy gets the better of me,

As my shuffled ‘playlist’ plays ‘my’ song.

The song which uncannily seems to be written for me.


With every word that forms its structure,

With every riff that complement the lyrics,

And with every beat that defines its ambience,

My soul mingles with the could-be experiences,

Of the artists which made them pour their hearts out.


Slowly the mellow song makes me reminiscence,

Selflessly, it gives healing words to my insides,

This symphony turns out to be an outlet for the pain,

The pain that was burying deep inside,

Until this tune helped me found the meaning of it.


Oh! how much I’m filled with the vitality,

Oh look how it broke my walls of insecurities,

This melody realised me I’m no loner,

Convinced me I’m not weird,

But just someone, swirling in temporary tenebrous of situations.


I’m not afraid of indulging again,

In the symphonies that makes us wiser,

So tomorrow when I again plug in the earphones,

Ecstasy takes the better of me,

While I tread on the boulevard of self-discovery.


This poem is my dedicated to Avril Lavigne and is inspired by her song-I’m with you. You too would have your favourite, ‘cannot live without’ song, so tell me in the comment box.

Maroon 5, Paramore and Avril Lavigne (genre-pop rock) are my musical likes! What’s yours?


2 thoughts on “The Symphonies

    1. Yeah I heard, isn’t she the one contestant on the Voice? Well I don’t know which season is broadcasted here in India, I found through Nokia Music. And yes, I even heard her cover of I’m with you!
      She has lovely voice, good musical taste u have!


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