The Cocoon


The Legends with their towering love stories

The Heroes of the flawless romantic ballads

Are all beguiling us the ecstasy of love

Or perhaps, decoying?


Let not a doubt creep in your mind of love’s authenticity

If you have your dream lover

Instead be the author of another perfect love story

But be cautious, not to sugar coat it to the extent it turns saccharine.


Don’t think of him being a miser in love

But believe him just an ordinary cold-hearted being

Who dreams of affection now and then

Yet is afraid to delve in deep.


He wraps himself in a cocoon

And finds solace in his indifference

To all the things lovely and about love

As he finds himself unhurt by being unloved.


He’s ready to break his fences, freed his restrictions

Go the distance to unravel the intricacies of love

If only someone could make him feel secure

Make him believe the affirmative hearsay of love.


Then he’ll step out of his cocoon,

Then he’ll step out of his cocoon.


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