My Idol- The pop-punk princess. (Opinion)

I’m an Indian as most of my readers know. India is a huge market for Western music, although only a few of music fans here know about varied musical genres and artists. Actually most of us are well-acquainted with what is known as ‘mainstream’ music. I have an obsession for reading about artists and genres mostly on Wiki.

It was 2012 that I discovered Avril Lavigne through her then released album-Goodbye Lullaby. Her older, rocker songs inspired me beyond words.

‘I’m with you’ is my anthem.

Needless to say she became my idol ’cause of her inspirational lyrics and pop-rock sound(& the band Paramore too). But it hurts me how about just everyone wants to be a hipster by showing hatred.

‘Did I hear pop-punk and Avril together?’ ‘Good music? Kill yourself if you find Avril ‘good’!’ ‘She’s a brat, a poser. NOT punk.’

AGREED that she’s not punk. In several of her interviews she had asserted she’s not a punk and making pop-rock music is her sole criteria.

                   Probably she paid heed to her critics and changed her sound altogether! And then many of her fans (including me) whined about her new sound. But it’s not that bad either. Her new self-eponymous album is in my opinion her weakest album but with some awesome tracks which is truly ‘Avril-ish’!

Falling Fast, Hush Hush, Give you what you like- demonstrates her talent and her songwriting abilities still alive.

She’s not even close to Hayley Williams of Paramore. But the vice-verse of that statement is also true.

Why people wanna look cool by criticising others, is one thing I could never understand!


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