The Winner


Crumpled, tied

He has seen life’s textures dark and bright

Had broken shackles that once held his limbs

What once looked whimsical is now in real.


There’s tranquillity that echoes in his eyes

Innocence that refused to leave him all this time

And has the smile that resists to turn in a downside arc

You can always see him with this spark.


All the dreams that he beholds

Are waiting for him to be unfold

Hope and faith now fuels his desires

The rituals to win being performed by the pyre;


Yes, he’s a winner full of fire.

Yes, he’s a winner full of fire.


6 thoughts on “The Winner

  1. Happiness is when ur bff makes youu proud .. 🙂 Sahil I knw I hv mny frnz bt dis is uh .. who hv dis capability .. n m lucky I hv you 🙂 B d way uh r .. keep rocking wd ur words 🙂


      1. when did u get on “bloody hell “( ron weasly has the copy right to it)(sorry for being an intolerable potterhead)
        The poem is BRILLIANT as always.!

        Liked by 1 person

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