The Resistance

The clutches that we always fought hard against might still cling on to us.
The change that we always wanted in us may always be resisted by our roots.
And the optimism which we always held dear to us, to be honest, can become questionable in trying times.
Wouldn’t then it should be better to seek refuge in the dark and revel in misery? Maybe we could never change.

But if only…..

Nobody's Home

Nobody’s Home by Avril Lavigne

(one of the most significant post-grunge songs of 2000s and my all time fav)


One thought on “The Resistance

  1. One should always be optimistic. Problems/obstacles are part of life. We should play our part honestly with courage and see the future. There are number of examples to see. Be bold, strive hard to make your future brightest. God is great. He help those who help themselves.

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