Dive In

Pic Courtesy: www.anxietyslayer.com

A coil of thoughts gyrating in twisted manner,

Whirling my sanity in a spiral form.

Tentatively heaving in the depths of my mind,

Anxiously waiting to call its abode.


The coil coaxes me to pay heed to it,

Impulsively nagging me to unwind its form.

Taking advantage of my gullibility,

Convincing me to solve the issues it itself has formed.


Tempted to attain peace of mind,

I give in to control its augmenting form.

The coil runs circle around me,

Suctioning me into the heart of its core.


Dive into my mind now,

To visualise the vice in this form,

That’s dizzying and choking me,

Pushing me to spew out my positive thoughts.


I do my best to shut myself out,

Waiting sooner the coil calm downs.

With tiny hope and a prayer to God,

Sanguine it mayn’t reborn.


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