February 14

Oblivious to all the warmth and mush, yet a sense of longing to feel them- yes, I always knew about that side of yours. Believe me, it wasn’t that difficult to figure it out, given that now it’s five years that I’ve known you. 

Remember our college’s first day when you walked up to me asking about the documents we had to attach to our semester form? I do, thanks to your mischievous vibes. It was as if innocence tucked away under your confident smile. And when we became friends, something about you made it easier for me to feel safe when I was so far away from home.   

We laughed and we studied. We fought and we cried (ok, at least me!). Yet we were never a ‘thing’. Even fate put us in the same workplace at the end of our college. I often caught you looking into the distance, as if you are a captive of your own thoughts. When asked about the same, you would always brush it away giving some reason. I noticed the pattern in your favourite songs- some screamed exuberance, others cried vulnerability. They always sounded bipolar- calming lush music in one song, and jarring guitar riff in another. 

February 14th. It’s just another day where you keep on treading that same road. The road, which is lurking between the tall trees on either sides, you’ve planted along the way- naming them as your goals. Still your feet stray with the same frantic pace, in that same aimless direction. And again I notice you secretly smile today, when you hear those heartwarming love stories. 

Yes damn it, I’m noticing you. More than someone should. I’m not sure if I’m falling for you or for your mysteries. All I know is I do long for you, to notice me. 


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